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If you can imagine a plethora of fluttering colour, then the ‘Butterfly Park’, an international project is aiming to make this vision come true. It is built on an area of approximately 5 acres of barren, uncultivated land in the Sunticoppa estate in the vicinity of the Swastha unit. The technical support for establishing the farm will be provided by a team of specialists from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, The Institute for Social and Economic Change - Bangalore and the University of Agricultural Sciences – Bangalore. 

This wonderful project has multiple objectives:

Educative: The ‘Butterfly Park’ would like to impart knowledge about the life-cycle pattern of the butterflies, the need for preserving the species of plants which are butterfly-friendly and accelerating practical learning experiences. It has an approach of creating respect for nature and its conservation in young minds.

Awareness-Creation: Creating awareness amongst the children and the general public about conservation, making our surroundings butterfly-friendly by growing host plants and understanding the benefits of the park as an income-generating activity.

Employment: The Butterfly Park can provide excellent employment opportunities to the differently-abled by way of training them in managing the different functions of the park and the people visiting the park.

Income-generation: The Park is also intended to generate income by attracting tourists. A nursery to grow host plants and other products made by the differently-able can be sold to the general public. The focus is on promoting sustainable strategies and self-sufficiency.

Therapeutic effects: Especially with children with aggressive behavior the park promotes growth and harmony and appeals greatly to their kinesthetic style of learning.

Our Activities
  • Special education for 100 resident & day scholars at the Suntikoppa Training Centre.
  • Vocational rehabilitation & placement at the Pollibetta centre.
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program at the Somwarpet and Madikeri Talukas.
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